November 22, 2023     
~ Don’t stop children’s learning. Send electronic blackboards to Ukraine. ~
A crowdfunding campaign has started to create a brighter future for Ukrainian children through educational support. This campaign was initiated by Professor Ganna Mamonova (Kiv National Economics University) from Ukraine, who was a visiting researcher at IRCN (Tsuji Lab) for one year until July this year, and launched by Gakken Educational Research Institutr and Gakken Co. Ltd. → We have achieved our goal of 3 million yen! The target amount for the next goal has been set. [Achieved! ]
August 14, 2023      【TBSNEWS23″】On August 14th (Friday) at 11:00 PM (JST), Dr. Ganna Mamonova from Kyiv National Economic University in Ukraine, who was an active visiting researcher at IRCN Baby Lab until July of this year, will be appearing on TBS “News 23”. She will share her insights on the war and her sentiments for her homeland. Please tune in.
news23|TBS TV: The Ukrainian War with no End in sight What is the reality of war that Haruka Ayase asked refugees living in Japan?
July 17, 2023      [Online] The 5th Symposium on the Creation of Innovative Learning Donation Course “Hints for understanding and learning children’s brains and senses using engineering methods” will be held on Monday, July 17.
Sho Tsuji, Principal Investigator of IRCN baby Lab, will give a lecture on “Language Development and Social Environment of Infants: Latest Research by AI and Contribution to the Development of AI Technology” at “Innovative Learning Creative Science Endowed Lecture Symposium”! Please join us!
[Pre-registration] Please pre-register here.
Innovative Learning Creation Endowed Course (Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo, Department of Human Environmental Studies): Innovative Learning Creation Endowed Course ( Choice Support Event
March 19, 2023      【Course selection support event for junior high and high school girls】
Monica Barbir, Research Fellow at IRCN Baby Lab, will introduce you to the frontiers of brain science in “Mysterious and Interesting Mechanisms of the Brain”! Please join us!
Office for Gender Equality, The University of Tokyo: Career Choice Support Event
December 1, 2022      【The 9th Institute for AI and Beyond Science Café】
Sho Tsuji principal investigator of IRCN baby lab , appeared at the 9th Institute for AI and Beyond Science Café! The video has been released on Youtube, so please take a look!
Institute for AI and Beyond : Beyond AI [Beyond AI]
November 16, 2022      Minerva Shobo’s “Development No. 172 Special Feature: Children’s Language”, Rediscovered! IRCN Baby Lab‘s Hiromichi Hagiwara, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Fellow, was interviewed and published as a feature article. Please take a look.
[Minerva Shobo]: Development 172: Children’s Language, Rediscovered! – Minerva Shobo – Publishing company that publishes humanities, law, education, psychology, welfare, etc. (
March 1, 2022 The archive video of the “2nd Beyond AI Research Promotion Organization International Symposium” held on Saturday, February 12, 2022 has been released. You can watch it from here!

[Online Event 2/12] The 2nd Beyond AI Research Promotion Organization International Symposium will be held on Saturday, February 12, 2022. From IRCN, #Yukie Nagai will be the panelist, and #Sho Tsuji will be the general moderator. host.

January 25, 2022 [Pre-release] Dr. Hiromichi Hagihara, Postdoc
Social development of children under a pandemic due to the new coronavirus-Changes in socio-emotional behavior and psychological distance from others-
September 3, 2021 Prof. Dr. Sho Tsuji was featured on CONNECTING EAST AND WEST – A SHORT INTERVIEW of DWIH Tokyo website operated by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The title is “For me, the human factor and good communication are key to any successful collaboration.”
February 15, 2021 From July 5(Mon.)to July 9(Fri.)17:00-18:30(JST), Prof. Dr. Sho Tsuji will give a lecture titled  “Early Language Acquisition–How Human Infants Learn Language Within Their Social Environment” (course code:GUC21S301L)for five days at The University of Tokyo’s “Global Unit Courses” (GUC) . Click here for more information about GUC.

January 27, 2021
On January 28(Thu.)8:30-09:00 (CET) 16:30-17:00(JST), Prof. Dr. Sho Tsuji will  join the expert briefing session “Improving Science Literacy” in The Davos Agenda 2021. She was selected to the 2020 Cohort of Young Scientists. Online (

December 7, 2020
On December 10(Thu.)14:00~(JST), Prof. Dr. Sho Tsuji will give a Lightning Talk titled  “The role of dyadic interactions in infant development” and Monica Barbir, postdoc at IRCN Babylab will present “On the social foundations of language learning: Of masks and birds”, at Dyadic interactions in a comparative perspective workshop, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, Japan, online.
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