What is an eye tracker?

Eye tracker

An eye tracker is a machine that captures the baby’s line of sight and measures where the baby’s line of sight is looking.

Eye tracking is a technique for measuring eye movements to find out where an individual is looking.
The basic mechanism is to shine light on the cornea of ​​the eye to create reflection points, take the image with a camera, and calculate the direction of the line of sight from the taken image.
For infant research, use a screen-based (Stationary type) eye tracker.
An eye tracker is placed under the screen to measure your line of sight, giving your child the same experience as watching a TV or computer screen.
The light that hits the eyeball is designed with consideration for safety so as not to affect the human body. In fact, there are many studies using eye trackers for small children at home and abroad.
The eye tracker consists of a near-infrared LED, an eye tracking camera, a line-of-sight calculation device, and so on.