【TBSNEWS23″】On August 14th (Friday) at 11:00 PM (JST), Dr. Ganna Mamonova from Kyiv National Economic University in Ukraine, who was an active visiting researcher at IRCN Baby Lab until July of this year, will be appearing on TBS “News 23”. She will share her insights on the war and her sentiments for her homeland. Please tune in.

Our research was posted on the BLOG of the International Association for the Study of Child Language.

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International Association for the Study of Child Language:IASCL  

Twitter:(19) IASCL(@IASCL_ChildLang)さん / Twitter

The 9th Institute for AI and Beyond Science Café

Sho Tsuji principal investigator of IRCN baby lab , appeared at the 9th Institute for AI and Beyond Science Café!

The video has been released on Youtube, so please take a look!

Institute for AI and Beyond : Beyond AI [Beyond AI]

“Tsunagare! Chienowa#Kosodate no moyamoya kaisyou” – NHK Special – NHK

Sho Tsuji principal investigator of IRCN baby lab, appeared on the NHK Special which was first broadcast on May 29, 2022!

“Tsunagare! Chienowa #Kosodate no moyamoya kaisyouRebroadcast date: June 3, 2022

Magazine “Precious”『My Action for SDGs

Principal Investigator of IRCN Baby Lab, was featured in the April issue of the magazine “Precious” in “My Action for SDGs What I Do for the Continuing Future”!
[My Action for SDGs] I want to contribute to the equal education of children | Please see Sho Tsuji, Senior Researcher, Neuro-Intelligence International Research Organization, The University of Tokyo.

『the SOCIAL』

Sho Tsuji, Senior Researcher of IRCN Baby Lab, appeared as Today’s Guest on “the SOCIAL”, a news program (broadcast on CS wave) for online viewing by NTV NEWS24!
Watch a broadcast video entitled “How Do Babies Learn Language?”

“NHK” Points of View / Issues “”

Sho Tsuji, Senior Researcher of IRCN Baby Lab, She appear on NHK’s “Points of View/ Issue” broadcast on November 2nd and 3rd, 2020, and she talked about “the secret to developing the role and ability of modern society and families in the language development of babies”.

The outline is introduced on NHK’s “Commentary Committee Room” site. Please refer to the commentary article “How Infants Learn Languages” (“Points of View/ Issue” ).

『Dans la tête des bébés(赤ちゃんの頭の中)』

Why do babies learn languages so well?
A documentary video covering the research conducted by Senior Researcher Sho Tsuji in collaboration with the Baby Lab of Ecole Normale Superiore, Paris Higher Normal School and the results of the research has been released. Watch researchers explore the baby’s mind using eye-tracking technology. (French and Japanese subtitles available)

“August 24, 2020 Asahi Shimbun morning edition” people “”

ISho Tsuji, Senior Researcher of RCN Baby Lab, was featured in the morning edition of the Asahi Shimbun “People ” on August 24, 2020! “Why dose your baby learn words so fast? An up-and-coming researcher who challenges elucidation ” Please see the article and the interview video.

『Women in Academia』

The podcast “Women in Academia” (English only) is hosted by IRCN Baby Lab’s specially appointed researcher Dr. Irena Lovcevic, who interviews various female researchers to overcome the challenges facing women in academia. And We are telling you how to their overcome of them . 

The aim is to share the stories of inspirational female researchers and provide tips to help them succeed in both research and everyday life.

Andrea Sander-Montant, M.A. student at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada Women in Academia

Today it's great to have Andrea Sander-Montant on the podcast. Andrea is an M.A. student at Concordia University in Montreal Canada, under the supervision of Dr. Krista Byers-Heinlein at the Infant Research Lab. Andrea is interested in developmental psychology with a special focus on early language development and bilingualism. Listen to this episode to hear more on how being raised in bilingual family influenced Andrea's exciting research on bilingualism as well as Andrea's great insights on the culture of Academia, with the specific focus on the female researchers' place in that. Time stamps:[00:45] Andrea's introduction[02:01] Andrea's research journey[04:07] Obstacles that Andrea faced in her research journey[08:04] Work/life balance[11:39] Andrea's research on word comprehension in bilingual babies[14:28] Plans for future research[18:59] Issues that women in Academia are facing today according to Andrea[23:06] Andrea's advice for everyone thinking about a career in Academia or for those just starting a career in AcademiaLinks:Andrea's personal academic website: Concordia Infant Research Lab: in touch:e-mail: podcast.irenalovcevic@gmail.comtwitter: @IrenaLovcevicinstagram: @irenalovcevicwebsite:
  1. Andrea Sander-Montant, M.A. student at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
  2. Dr Monica Barbir, Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Tokyo International Research Center for Neurointelligence (IRCN)
  3. Dr Celia Harris, the Vice Chancellor's Senior Research Fellow in Cognitive Neuroscience, the MARCS Institute, Western Sydney University
  4. Dr Jovana Pejovic, Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Lisbon BabyLab, Portugal
  5. Dr Ruth Brookman, Associate Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour and Development, Western Sydney University